Rates and Terms


Calibration of Feeding Equipment

$100 per hour (Minimum 6 hours daily).

$150 per hour overtime (daily after 8 hours).

$200 per hour weekends. 

How to schedule

The purchaser will be asked which equipment they wish to have maintained and or calibrated. Once a quote is generated, the purchaser will issue a purchase order to Leming Process Services LLC for quoted amount. When the service visit is completed, a final value will be calculated to allow the purchaser to update their PO amount. 

Leming Process Services LLC is not authorized to travel until we have obtained a copy of the PO. 

Alternatively, a credit card can be used to schedule directly from this website. 

Online Scheduler

Technical Support

Leming Process Services LLC cannot provide technical support related to Coperion K-Tron feeding or conveying equipment via email, phone, or in person. 

LPS is not authorized to directly honor any warranty stemming from a purchase from Coperion K-Tron. 

LPS is only authorized to provide calibration and PM visits. 

Please contact the factory directly. 

24/7 Support:  856-589-9083

Parts:                856-256-3203


  • What tolerances are used when calibrating a feeder?
    • LPS will typically use the customer's tolerance. Every process is different. Some require within 5% while others are 0.5% or even less. Static weight checks should be less than 0.1% error while material catch samples are 1-0.5% or less. 

  • Can you calibrate the feeders scale in our facility? 
    • Yes. LPS has certified, calibrated weights traceable to NIST standards. Depending on the feeder type, Class 6 or Class F weights will be used. All weight calibration certificates are available for your records. It is LPS policy to only use the weights for calibration within 1 year from their last calibration date.

  • How long will your visit last?
    • When there are multiple feeders on one line, I can finish one feeder completely in two hours. This would include a mechanical check, speed check, static weight check, and a catch sample check if desired. 

  • Which controllers and feeder types will you calibrate?
    • LPS can calibrate any Coperion K-Tron controller or feeder if it has a digital interface. All scales can be certified. The B3-B4 scales may not be repairable. K-10s, KSM, SCM, and KCM controllers are all about to be calibrated by LPS.