KCM PID Calibration



When feeding oil or other liquids, often the best solution is to couple a KCM with a flowmeter.  It removes the problems associated with refills and allows for perfect, continuous feeding and measurement. 

How to calibrate

The flowmeter, (Micromotion), cannot be calibrated by LPS. However, they are extremely reliable and rarely need to be calibrated. 

The KCM needs to be checked to verify it is reading the signal correctly from the flowmeter. The two instruments only communicate via analog signals.  The KCM tuning parameters will also determine precision and response. 

Bucket tests

The correct way to verify the flow is to allow the process to reach steady state, at operational pressures, then collect the sample in a bucket. This mass is then compared to the KCM displayed value. They should match!

If they don't the span will need to be adjusted.